Nathaniel Eligon at age 99

Henri Nathaniel EligonAge: 102 years18691971

Henri Nathaniel Eligon
Given names
Henri Nathaniel
Birth 1869
Birth of a daughter
Agnes Eligon
1893 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Leah Armoogum
1909 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a grandson
Alfred Vernon Armoogum
1921 (Age 52 years)
Cocoa Planter

Corporation: Eligon Estate
Death April 1971 (Age 102 years)
Cemetery: Freeport Church
Note: Interred next to his 2nd wife and most of the Eligons from Diego.
OccupationCorrespondence from Edmund Armoogum to Magdalene Crowley
NoteCorrespondence from Edmund Armoogum to Kyle Shea Ring
SourceCorrespondence from Edmund Armoogum to Magdalene Crowley
Her father was Nathaniel Eligon,of Grand Couva Tdad.W.I. ---- My mother is Ruby Armoogum her grand father was Nathaniel Eligon he died in April 1971 @ 102 years. He is interned at Freeport Church next ro his second wife and most of the Eligon's, from Diego there is a street there Called ELIGON,My GrandFather and his brother"s were coco planters in Grand Couva.
SourceGenealogy of Kyle Shea Ring
Interred next to his 2nd wife and most of the Eligons from Diego.
"The Estate Name was Eligon. My Great Grandfather [Nathaniel Eligon] gave that estate (160 a) to Alfred and his brother Stanley [Nathaniel's two Grandsons]."
There is an "Eligon Road" in Maracas, St. Joseph, and an "Eligon Avenue" in Port Of Spain. I don't know if there is any relation to this Eligon family.
Ruby Maxwell (Henri's Granddaughter) provided the names of her Grandfather and his sisters and explained that they lived near Calcutta Settlement in a place called McBean.
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